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How To Make Your Stanford Memories Last Forever

One afternoon, not too long ago, I sat outside eating lunch under a blue sky. As I ate, I started to think about my last 4 years here at Stanford and how I wish I could do them all over again. Admittedly, when I leave, I won’t miss the academic part too much, but I certainly will miss the rest of life at Stanford. For example…

1. Free laundry.
2. $20 rounds of golf on one of the Bay Area’s finest course.
3. Dressing up like crazy hooligans for Stanford Volleyball games.
4. The fact that you can buy alcohol on campus and walk around with it too! (If you are 21, of course)
5. Never having to do dishes or clean the bathroom.
6. Ski Trips aka gambling benders.
7. Ike’s sandwiches on campus!
8. Club Illusions and Rudy’s…obviously
9. Sundance Steakhouse.
10. Marauding in Lake Lag like pirates
11. Frisbee Golf.
12. Nomad Party
13. Drinking in fountains
14. “The List” R.I.P.
15. Skating in empty parking structures at night.
16. Camping out in Green Library all night.
17. Free concerts… What up Afroman!
18. Broomball and hall hockey.
19. Surfing in Santa Cruz.
Unfortunately, time is quickly expiring and graduation events start next week…which means that I only have a handful of days left to enjoy Stanford as a student. Fortunately, I will never forget the awesome moments that are a part of my personal experience here because they’re all saved in one place, LiveShare. LiveShare is more than just another mobile social media application, it’s an easy way to share the good times I’ve had at Stanford with the people that matter most to me. When I’m long gone, doing who the hell knows what, the memories will never fade. So, if you’re like me and want to cherish the most awesome parts of Stanford, these last few days included, check out my pictures on LiveShare and join the revolution!

LiveShare is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7, as well as atwww.liveshare.com

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