Do's and Dont's for Surviving Dead Week

1. DO download SelfControl.  Can't seem to work with five minutes without checking Twitter or Facebook?  Simply download the app, enter your "forbidden websites," and voila!  Bye bye, distractions.

2. DON'T start a new television series.  If you're anything like me, one episode quickly turns to five then ten.  Save yourself the time and just wait until after finals to start that new show.

3. DO try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Forgoing the gym might seem like a time saver, but consider it "me time" to keep your sanity and recharge.  Also, the nightly Dominos delivery?  Save your wallet, your waistline and avoid the food coma!

4. DON'T surround yourself with negative people.  "I know I'm going to bomb." "Ugh, I can't do this."  "HELP!"  While it may be comforting to dweel in the perceived impossibility of your assignments, it's surely not going to help you actually get them done.  Try to keep a positive outlook and don't surround yourself with Negative Nancy's.

5. DO find a study spot.  For me, I know that I can't study on my bed without falling asleep.  Avoid these trips by doing what works best for you whether it's the quietness of the library, the ambiance of Starbucks or the buzz of your dorm common room.