Why Going to Separate Colleges is GREAT

Get your own space

              Now that you are both in different schools, you won’t be attached at the hip anymore. But that can be a great thing because now you don’t have to compromise on activities or cut into study time if they want to hang out.

Make your own friends

              You meet so many different people in college, and while mutual friends are always great, it’s also nice to have friends of your own. Sometimes you need people to talk to about problems that you’re not ready to talk about with your significant other and that’s okay. Having your own group is a must.

Feel more excited to see each other on weekends & breaks

              Weekends just got better because after working hard all week you get to take a break and see your S.O. and have more to talk about. You can make plans to look forward to on holiday break after midterms and finals week.

Learn to be independent

              When starting something new, you won’t be able to lean on your S.O. as your stress crutch. This will help you to handle stressful situations without assistance and grow as an adult.



Hannah DeBone