Who Says I Must Follow the Rules?

Easter leaves me being thankful for an abundance of blessings. Especially white shoes….Yes, I mean white shoes. I am ecstatic that it is now socially acceptable to wear white shoes now that Easter has come.

 I am very into following rules. I must be! I’m studying to become an elementary school teacher! I proudly strut down the church aisle at Easter mass in my new white heels, and I was feeling amazing Springtime vibes. Fashion rules are some of my favorite rules, but breaking them can be even more exhilarating.

Today’s fashion allows us to take risks; old, retro styles like mom jeans are back, 70s flower child clothes are all the rage, and space-age styles like latex are all over Hollywood. But why, with all this innovation and even some twists on classic styles, is there the archaic rule of not wearing white after Labor Day?

This rule is thanks to some snooty millionaires who decided that wearing white clothing during the winter months was a fashion travesty over a 100 years ago.

 White was for wedding and vacationing to the Hamptons during the warmer summer and spring months. Since Labor Day officially was deemed as a federal holiday in 1894, society eventually embraced it as the natural endpoint for wearing summer fashions.

If you are an innocent victim of breaking this fashion rule, then do not be ashamed Not everyone has followed this rule. Even some classic socialites in the fashion industry ignored the trend, most notoriously, the fabulous Coco Chanel, who choose to wear white year-round.

It is our responsibility as women to be comfortable in our own skin. If you feel like stretching or breaking some fashion rules, go for it! There is nobody stopping you from feeling fabulous.