Watson Deserves a Standing Ovation

Emma Watson is the epitome of an empowered “girl boss.” Without Hermione Granger’s dazzling wit, Harry Potter would have never made it through his first year at Hogwarts. Charlie would forever remain a wallflower, forced to hold everything inside-but Sam was his guiding light, inspiring him to reach out and find love. The tormented beast would never have learned how to show compassion without Belle’s gentle spirit. Emma Watson has proved herself time, and time again that she is an incredible woman, capable of embodying powerful characters. Throughout her career, Emma has been revered for her inspirational quotes. Here are four times that Emma Watson deserved a standing ovation for being her amazing self.

Emma love, you continuously inspire women to take ahold of challenges and face them head-on. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world, and inspiring women to seek their best selves.