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PSA! Did you know you can donate old mascara wands to help save wild animals? The “Wands for Wildlife” is collecting old mascara wands to help care for animals by removing fly eggs and larva from their fur and helping take out matted areas.

Visit https://www.appalachianwild.org/wands-for-wildlife.html for the mail form and instructions for sending in your empty mascara wands.


You can also host a “Wands for Wildlife Wandraiser” to gather old mascara wands and donations in your own community to donate to the wildlife refuge.

Do not go buy empty mascara wands. If you do not have any to donate, but would still like to help out, the organization accepts donations and supplies. They have a Wishlist on their site that you can order supplies right off amazon, such as food, syringes, and gloves. Items vary in price range. The organization is a volunteer run nonprofit, so all help and support goes directly to the animals.


In case you need any more convincing for this (adorable) cause, here is a video to show you how the wands are used: https://youtu.be/-1mxQSFwYD4




Hello! My name is Norina Haefelin and I am a psychology and biology student at Saint Vincent College. I love adventures, travelling, and trying new and exotic foods. In my spare time, I like photography and art, cooking, and hiking. Though I am new to Her Campus, I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful community!
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