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Dear Mom, 

I miss you so much! Ugh, even in my third year of college there are still times when I feel homesick… you think I would be used to being away from home by now. The beginning of the year is always stressful and it is hard to find a new routine. The fact that I was home all summer spending time with you and the fam definitely does not help now that I am sitting in my dorm room or studying all of the time by myself. It is so easy to get caught up in every deadline and task that sometimes I forget to stop stressing and just have fun with my friends. Even though I miss you guys and the dogs, I have finally been finding some ways to get over this homesickness! 

My friends and I have been spending a lot of time together just hanging out after class or studying in groups. Surrounding myself with people I love and who make me laugh improves my overall day. Also, we have been trying to plan some group activities to look forward to. So far we have thought about going bowling, camping, and checking out some cute coffee shops on the weekends! 

Another thing that helps cure my homesickness is how cozy my dorm room is. This year my room is much more put together and I honestly love the way it turned out! It comforts me to walk into a space that makes me happy after a long day of school work. Thanks for helping me pick out cute bedding and string lights! It makes me feel more at home. 

Guess what, my friends and I finally ate all of those treats you made for us! Rice Krispies, brownies, cookies… girl these saved our lives! We were all so excited to share something homemade that wasn’t the usual from campus. 

Well I am about to go to a club meeting for HerCampus now. I am glad I took your advice to try new things! I really think I am going to enjoy writing for fun each month. I hope you don’t miss me too much! I cannot wait to come home for break and see everyone. Call me whenever you read this letter so we can Facetime! Miss you bunches. 



Your Daughter

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