Two are Better than One

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

-Roger Caras

Typically, the thought of raising a puppy can alarm new dog owners. The first few weeks can be exhausting for both the dog and owners. But after sharing many months of playful walks, puppy kisses, and cuddles you may find yourself wanting more. The idea of training two dogs rather than one is scary, but there are far more pro’s than cons. Here are three great reasons as to why you should consider raising two dogs, instead of just one!


1. Guaranteed Physical Activity

Physical activity is an essential part of a dog’s life. It’s also a topic that a dog owner must be heavily aware of. It’s not always easy to entertain your dog, after you’ve come home from a long day at work. But, if you own two dogs, then they can run around or play tug whenever they feel like it, without needing an owner’s presence. Both dogs will take care of each other’s physical activities every single day!

2. Social Interaction Increases

It’s very important to make sure your dog can socialize with other dogs. If you own two dogs at once it can positively improve their social behaviors. They learn to connect with others and share human attention. The bond between two dogs living together can ease the troubles of leaving a dog home alone all day. The two dogs will grow up together, keeping each other company, and building a bond unlike any other.

3. Big and Little

Everyone has someone older that they look up to in life. Puppies also can feel this type of connection when living with an older, wiser dog. The puppy tends to shadow the older dog and pick up on training faster than normal. This situation is extremely easy especially if the older dog is already potty trained. The young pup will mirror almost all actions made by the older dog, and it’ll feel like you aren’t even training a puppy!


Along with these three reasons, you’ll receive double the affection and smiles thanks to your two pups! I hope this has influenced you to give one or two puppies a beautiful family and home!