True Confessions of a Long Distance Lover

After being in a committed relationship for just over two years, I have come to realize that I am a warrior. No, I’m not about to go and save the world or anything, but I am a warrior for sticking to my feelings and believing that I can make this relationship work. We are BOTH warriors.

My boyfriend and I are absolutely spoiled. Despite going to two different colleges; one private and the other public, one in Pennsylvania, and the other in Virginia, we have the SAME breaks off from school. I don’t know if I would call that a miracle or dumb luck, but I’ve never complained! We spend as much time as we can together during our breaks and drive our parents crazy (sorry ma and daddy).


1. No matter how many times you must say good-bye, it never gets easier.

Sad, but true. After countless hugs and kisses on my front porch after spending the whole day together before going back to school, I still lean against the inner door after the tail lights of his Subaru fade away and cry a little.

2. Weekends are for YOU.

As much as you’d love to stay in your dorm cozied up in your bed with him or her on facetime, chatting the night away, you can’t. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever—but, you must take time to be social. College is all about learning, right? Learn how to be independent and find your own fun! We’ve set up a rule: Friday and Saturday is for going out with friends and spending time doing our own things. We can talk about our weekends over facetime on Sunday.


3. You will feel lonely and that’s okay.

If you miss your significant other, talk about it! Tell him or her about it, and let them know you care. Find a trusted friend or confidant and ask them to listen. If you are lonely, surround yourself with love from your friends at school. Spending time enjoying yourself with close friends will help your loneliness fade softly.

4.  Be straightforward, but don’t pester.

Worried about the girl who spends almost a suspicious amount of time with your long-distance boyfriend? Talk to him about it! Let him know what you are seeing, and ask him to share his side of the story. To build trust, open lines of communication must be in operation 100% of the time. Don’t make your significant other feel attacked by your questions. Use a gentle approach, but be clear. Communicate your concerns, and you can talk through any worries.