Top 5 Holiday Watchlist

As time quickly passes by and we’re all gearing up for finals week, Christmas cheer is being spread all around the world. From Operation Christmas Child to Salvation Army, there are so many ways to give back during the holiday season. However, maybe you’re like me and need a little bit of the Christmas spirit before spreading cheer to others. So, if you need a good watch in the next few weeks, take a break from the books and watch one of these heartfelt movies!


1. Home Alone (1990) Who can resist this 90’s comedy starring the young Macaulay Culkin. After the family sleeps in and practically misses their flight, they forget Kevin who is sleeping in the attic as a punishment. While a headcount was put in place, the neighbor boy sneaks in the car. Sensing that something is wrong, while in midflight his mother attempts to recall what is missing. Suddenly, she remembers her eight-year-old troublemaker is nowhere to be found. Enjoying his newfound freedom, Kevin believes that his family is gone because of a wish he made. Soon two burglars are planning to rob the house, and Kevin must be prepared to scare them away. Enjoy the thrilling chase, as Kevin defends his turf and realizes that family is more important than anything.


2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

With plans for the best Christmas in Griswold family history, Clark brings the entire family home for the holidays. However, family doesn’t come without its turmoil. Especially when Clark’s cousin Eddie shows up on the scene, a series of mishaps occur in an awful chain of events. Once the family learns that Clark won’t be receiving his Christmas bonus, Eddie decides to kidnap his boss to reconsider his decision. The police are soon on the scene and break into the house to find that the boss understands the situation. He reinstates Clark’s Christmas bonus and apologizes for making such a greedy decision. This comedy is sure to make you laugh, and possibly cry when they realize that even crazy families are something to be proud of.


3. The Polar Express (2004)

As midnight quickly approaches on Christmas Eve, the bell off Santa’s sleigh makes its way to the house of a young boy. He boards the polar express to the North Pole. The young boy doubts in the existence of Santa Clause, but his eyes are opened on this enchanting train ride. Experience a child-like wonder that can exist in every heart, if only you can just believe.


4. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

This is a great movie for all my Romantic Comedy friends! The character Lucy, a train station attendant is played by Sandra Bullock. Hoping that one day a tall, dark, and handsome stranger will notice her, she finds herself saving him from the railroad tracks. After going to the hospital, she is mistaken as the fiancé. The family is overjoyed that she is going to soon be part of their lives as well. Falling into a deep sleep, Lucy begins to spend time with them. Soon she finds herself falling in love with his brother. Waking up with amnesia, he is overjoyed to marry Lucy right away. At the wedding, she decides who she really loves and goes after the brother.


5. Deck the Halls (2006)

A suburban dad greets a new neighbor and family into the community. The suburban dad, Steve, is always commended for his Christmas spirit and acts. Now, Danny is stealing his thunder by introducing his holiday light display that can be seen from outer space. Not enjoying this, the two fathers enter a battle to one up the other. In this attempt, they start to drag the Christmas spirit to the dumps.

I hope you enjoyed my holiday watchlist for the season! Be sure to watch a great Christmas movie this season and start to spread the holiday cheer to all your neighbors and friends. Maybe even try out a good act or two!