Tips and Tricks to Overcome Homesickness

When I was a child, I was very outgoing and independent. I loved to experience new places and activities in unfamiliar settings with new people because it makes experiences even more exciting! However, when I walked into college for the first time, it seemed different.

When I moved into college, that outgoing girl seemed to be lost. I suddenly got nervous when meeting new people, started to talk less, and found myself missing my bed more and more with every second. I was homesick! An independent girl’s worst nightmare. Luckily, thanks to some advice from upperclassmen, I soon found myself surviving and thriving WITHOUT homesickness! Here’s some tips for dealing with homesickness:


1. Compliment someone! I know it might sound cliché, but I have made so many friends this past week just by telling them how cute their shirt was, or how nice their hair looked. Making friends is such a great way to make yourself feel comfortable on campus, and even if you don’t become friends with the person you complimented, at least you are a friendly face to them!


2. Join some clubs! Every college has some pretty awesome clubs to join, especially here at Saint Vincent College. If you go to your college’s club fair, look around for a club that feels like you belong in, and sign up! Clubs are a great way to let you make new friends, keep yourself involved on campus, and a fantastic way to make memories!


3. Schedule a regular time to call your loved ones! When you’re feeling homesick, you might want to call your mom or best friend every 5 seconds. However, it will be beneficial to you both if you spend sometime away from your phone, and more time hanging out with your new friends. Setting a specific time to either call or Facetime your loved ones will give you something to look forward to, without isolating yourself from the fun activities on campus!



4. Decorate your dorm room to feel somewhat like home! Hang up some pictures of your dog, bring a memento to remember your friends at home with, or even bring your old blanket from when you were a kid! Familiar things from your house can make your dorm feel comfy, and make college seem like your old room!