Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour: A Magical, Dazzling Experience

I have a confession… I’m a diehard Swiftie. I have been an avid Taylor Swift fan since I was ten years old when I discovered her music. This summer, I witnessed what may go down in history as the best concert ever, her Reputation Stadium Tour. I attended the concert in Landover, MD in July and I still remember every moment to this day. Now, I have seen her before three other times, but this was something on another level. What made the Reputation Tour so special? Here are the 10 things that stood out to me the most during the unforgettable concert:

1. The stage(s)

Swift had a main stage that was 110 feet tall with video screens on the floor and two catwalks. She also has two extra B-stages, which she traveled to in the middle of the concert to give a treat to the audience in the back and were about the same size as her past tour stages. Seeing these stages made the production even bigger and more accessible for the entire audience.


2. The special effects

With a working fountain, a massive seesaw, and an inflatable snake, the set of this concert was epic. There was more than one snake too; Taylor embraced the title she received from Kim Kardashian over two years ago, and turned it into a powerful statement, all through the night. Not only were there insane set pieces, but she had two separate platforms (one was a snake carcass) that took her from stage to stage, flying over the crowd.

Image Credit: TMZ.com

3. Taylor’s honesty with her fans

Though this tour was the largest yet, Swift seemed more honest than ever. With every speech she gave before the songs, she revealed her vulnerabilities to her fans. Whether she was talking about bullying, relationships, her reputation, or simply thanking her fans for being there since the beginning, each speech was an intimate moment that felt sincere, as if she were your best friend.


4. The music

Taylor included almost every song from Reputation in her show but did not forget to include favorites from every album, all the way back to the beginning from her self-titled album. During each show, she also sings a surprise acoustic song from one of her past albums. At the show I attended she sang “State of Grace” from her Red album (which, in my opinion, is one of her most well written songs to date).

Image Credit: fansoftaylor.com

5. The vocals

Swift’s vocals were the best they have ever been. She killed each line, showing many that she is not just an amazing songwriter, but also an extremely talented singer (The song “Don’t Blame Me” literally took me to church).


6. The fans

Attending a Taylor Swift concert can be like attending a fashion show, or a comic con. The dedicated fans dressed up in costumes, relating to lyrics of her music. I have done this every time I have gone to a concert, and it creates even more excitement when you are sharing the experience with others. It wasn’t enough to make it into the famous “Rep Room” where you can meet Taylor, but it still was loads of fun.

Image Credit: themusicnetwork.com

7. The girl-powered spectacle

This tour was full of female empowerment. Charli XCX and Camila Cabello were the opening acts for the concert, and when they came back out with Taylor to sing “Shake It Off,” it was a complete girl power party. Even the female dancers were given a spotlight for one of the numbers, and it proved that girls really do run the world.


8. Taylor’s stage presence

During previous tours, Taylor could connect with the audience immediately, convincing every person in the room that she was talking or singing to only them. This tour was no different, but there was an even stronger confidence level in Swift, and it makes her a full-on superstar, capturing the crowd with one simple movement.


9. The audience

This was the loudest concert I have ever been to; the audience was extremely enthusiastic and on fire. The cheers from the fans were full of astounding energy that could only occur at a Taylor Swift concert. The fans went crazy for every single song, screaming their lungs out, and their dedication to her and her music was impressive. I may or may not have lost my voice for the next two days afterwards…

Image Credit: Glamour.com

10. Taylor is still the same Taylor

The famous quote of this album is “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because she’s dead.” However, during the entire show, she proved that the old Taylor is still there, she has just grown up and grown into her own. This stadium tour and Taylor herself have broken records since opening night. She has demonstrated that she is at the peak of her career and she has become the queen of pop. And long may she reign.