Studying on Campus

While some Saint Vincent students are packing their bikinis and getting ready to leave for spring break, others are in the midst of mid-terms. Although they not quite as horrible as finals week, mid-terms can mean papers, group projects, and unwelcome exams. Luckily, there are hidden gems all over campus that are perfect for long study sessions. Usually, I like to study in one of the tucked away corners in Dupre, but if it’s nice, I love to study in Sebastian’s Garden! In the week before midterms, I asked my fellow Bearcats about their favorite places to study on campus, and what tricks work best for them.

“I love studying in the stacks of the library because they’re usually pretty empty. I like how quiet it is on the lower levels, and I usually don’t run in to anyone I know who could distract me. I try to get as much work done outside of my room as possible so I stay focused.” –Mariana K., C’18

“My favorite place to study is the library. It’s quiet, and I try to leave my phone in my room so I don’t waste time checking social media.” –Adam H., C’18

“My favorite spot on campus is Mary’s Grotto in the crypt of the basilica. It’s so pretty and peaceful there!” –Kaitlyn S., C’18

“I like to do homework in the library, but I mainly study for tests in my room. It helps me focus.” –Emily P., C’18

Try out some of these ideas and tips the next time you’re gearing up for a long study session. Wherever you like to spend time on campus, find your perfect study spot and get to work!