Staying Productive Over Christmas Break

Winter break is the perfect time to binge watch all the shows you fell behind on during the semester, spend time with family and friends, and catch up on sleep. While these activities are great (and totally necessary in my opinion), break is also an opportunity to tackle somewhat less fun tasks. Here are some options that can help keep up your productivity over winter break: 


1. Fill out the FAFSA 

The FAFSA is a bit of a necessary evil, and completing the FAFSA can be a huge pain, but getting it done without having the stress of college classes looming over you at the same time makes it slightly less terrible. Plus, it is so much easier to get your parents’ help when you are at home. 


2. Apply for a summer job or internship 

Looking for and applying for a job or internship can be overwhelming and time-consuming, so the perfect time to begin such a potentially long-lasting task is when you 

do not have assignments, projects, and tests to worry about. Not to mention that it is never a bad idea to plan for your future. 


3. Apply for scholarships 

There are so many scholarships available for both undergrad and graduate students. Much like searching for internships and jobs, finding and applying to scholarships can be taxing. Take advantage of your free time over break to increase your chances of paying less for college. 


4. Start a new exercise regime 

Whether you succeeded in staying active over the course of the semester or not, winter break is a good time to switch things up when it comes to exercise. Try something new, take a new class, or get together with friends or family and get moving. 


5. Volunteer 

The holiday season is one of the easiest times of year to find opportunities for volunteer work, so it is pretty convenient that winter break falls during this time. Volunteer to help your elderly neighbors shovel snow, or at your local humane society, food bank, soup kitchen, or favorite local nonprofit and help spread some joy to others this winter break. 


This winter break, take some time for yourself, but also consider doing something that future you will be grateful for.