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Spongebob and College

SpongeBob Gifs that relate to how us college students are trying to handle life. 


College is where students learn important lessons in life. These are, but not limited to; pulling all-nighters, drinking large amounts of coffee, and crying in the shower at 3am. Thank you for understanding us, Spongebob, when we were five and now.

1. The first week: 

You are so pumped to see all your friends and get a fresh start on what you think will be a good semester, but you know that by the end of the week things are going to get crazy.  

2. The next couple weeks: 

You will experience one of the following: 

· You will be so excited to join as many clubs as possible,  

· You won’t have a social life because your major makes it impossible, or…  

· You write a paper and finish it by 2am the night before it is due.  


3. Midterms: 

It’s almost fall break or after fall break and you are doing pretty well in classes, but midterms show how well you are doing in those classes. You are either doing well in the class or….  

You are doing badly and you feel your world crashing down around you.  


4. Scheduling: 

You feel like you still know what you are doing as you sit there patiently awaiting to press submit at 12:00, but for some students this isn’t the situation. Some schedule their classes then when not all of them submit contemplate changing majors or just dropping out. It is hard to figure out the future.  


5. Studying for finals: 

So much material and so little time, you think it is the end of the world and that no amount of studying will help you pass.  

6. Finals: 

You might cry while taking them, you might not, but when you are done all you want to do is go home and cry. https://media.giphy.com/media/lvzdeWk12qjmM/giphy.gif  


7. Breaks: 

Finals are done and you are finally home. Now time to work to make money for books for next semester and pull late nights to catch up on all the Netflix shows you missed…

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