Song-Title Poetry

Are you at a loss for poetic inspiration? Do you crave to challenge yourself to express your feelings in an unconventional way? Well, song-title poetry is a style I have discovered that has helped me divulge my passions.




Here is one of my pieces that was inspired by an unsavory gentleman I had crossed paths with a few years ago:


Farewell to the King

You played me like the guitars you own, dancing on that

stage with your pants too tight and your voice too low.

But you always had something to say, didn’t you?

Well baby, you can take your blue suede shoes and hit the road

because I’m not all shook up over you anymore.

You have already asked every other sobbing girl to love you

tender till the end of time.

But you ain’t nothing but a hound dog,

eating the scraps from poor damsels’ weak hearts while you

carry them off to the heartbreak hotel just down the street.

You would always whine and tease me asking if I was

“lonesome tonight,” but I would prefer a little less conversation

out of the likes of you when I’m trying to get my beauty sleep.

You always made the excuse that “it’s now or never,”

but what’s the hurry?

I pity the poor lambs who will find out too late that you are a

shameless devil in disguise, and if I can dream up another

personality for you, I’ll give you a call.

But until then you should walk on a bridge over troubled water

and think about what you have done.

Maybe you should try counting all the tears you have made spill

out of the eyes of those poor girls.

You know, for someone who was always on my mind, you sure

didn’t last for very long in my heart.

For the heart, I believe, is stronger than it seems.

Sure, I was blinded by your infectious arrogance and confidant

airs, but that’s alright with me.

I’ve learned my lesson, and you won’t see me groveling on

my hands and knees praising how great art thou anymore.

I guess I’ve just lost that lovin’ feelin’ for you.

Of course, you’ll bat those sad brown eyes and say, “Don’t be cruel.”

But hey, try seeing things my way.

So, toss some water on that burning love you rekindled just for me,

and for the love of Jailhouse rock,


Image Credit: CNN


So, for any of you Elvis fans out there—you might have noticed a theme. I had comprised a piece of poetry of a list of song titles—all these songs have been popularized by the King of Rock-n-Roll himself. Trust me, this style of poetry can be done with many other song titles by your favorite artists. Challenge yourself to find the theme, and tell a story of your own!

Image Credit: The Ransom Church