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Alright, Seniors .. I know I’m not alone in this when I say that I cannot believe where all the time has gone. Let me just say, that I myself, as a senior writer am getting especially emotional this week as a writer! But oh the trials and tribulations that come when you’re in that final stretch before getting your degree. Let’s take a look at some of the feels you get senior year:

  1. When you know you have a simple essay due at 4 pm the next day so you start at 2 pm.
  2. When you suddenly don’t recognize anybody around you anymore because you’re the oldest one there.
  3. When you stop going to all the bonus lecture’s because you know you’re graduating regardless.
  4. When all the kids are pulling tickets for housing and you thank the good Lord above that He spared you from The Hunger Games this year.
  5. When you realize He also has spared you from scheduling that same year. PRAISE JESUS, HALLELUJAH.
  6. With every step you take on Benny path, you realize you’re just one step closer to the end when you make that right turn up to Rooney.
  7. Equally, you die a slow death when faced with walking up Rooney stairs.
  8. When you’ve upgraded to the classy drinks and brunches in life.
  9. When you just want your research to be done.
  10. When you get excited that you never have to eat caf fod ever again. BYE FELICIA!
  11. When you wonder about the future literally like every free moment you have.
  12. You’re torn every day because you absolutely have loved the past four years here and am so excited to graduate but so sad to leave.

Good Luck Bearcats, XOXO!

Lisa Mason is currently a Junior Marketing major with a minor in Management. She is a member of Activities Programming Board, Women in Business, Singers, and works as an Admissions Ambassador at Saint Vincent College. Since she has a passion for meeting and helping others; she hopes to use her field of Marketing to become a professor as well as become a Marketing Manager of a firm someday in a major city. You can find her enjoying time with her friends, drinking salted caramel cappuccinos, or blogging. Also, it wouldn't be the craziest thing in the world to say that she is a Netflix, caffeine, and retail therapy enthusiast. Follow her on Instagram: masonjar_17 and check out her blog at http://youngandtwenty.blogspot.com/.
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