Senior Year

Making the Most of Senior Year


            Homecoming Weekend has forced me to acknowledge the fact that at next years’ homecoming, I’ll be returning as a Saint Vincent alum. While I’m both excited for the future and nervous about life post grad, I’m trying to focus my attention on enjoying my senior year. This is my last year before entering the “real world”, and I’m trying to make the most of it! Here are the ways I plan to make my last year amazing:


1: Write a bucket list of all the fun things you want to do before graduation: My friends and I are working on ours right now, and my goal is to not say “no” to any experience unless I absolutely have to. I want to make fun memories with my friends, and there are so many amazing things about Saint Vincent that I want to explore before I graduate! This list is helping me make sure I actually accomplish those goals.


2: Take advantage of the resources Saint Vincent has to offer: There are so many amazing resources that we’ve grown accustomed to that actually aren’t readily (and inexpensively!) available in the real world. Use the college gym, make an appointment to get your resume reviewed by a professional, listen to guest speakers, sit down with the student tutors when you need it, and go on APB excursions. Our campus is small, but there are endless opportunities for students.


3: Connect with other students and professors: I believe freshmen and senior years are the best years to make new friends- you have literally nothing to lose. Talk to that girl you’ve had class with for years but have never actually spoken to, and introduce yourself to new people whenever you can. I think establishing relationships with professors is important as well, as they can change your perspective on certain issues, give you life advice, or write that amazing letter of recommendation you need.

4: Try out that fun class you’ve always heard about: Every year as I go through the course lists before scheduling, I think to myself, “I’d love to take that class!” This is my last year to learn about a topic that doesn’t actually relate to my major, and I’m taking some really fun electives. Whether it’s Cooking with Chemistry, Digital Production, or one of Dr. King’s theology classes, use an elective and take a class you’ve always wanted to.


5: Document your experiences: While the huge experiences of college will probably always be with you; your first interview, trip abroad, or team’s big win, there are so many tiny moments that we forget about. I want to remember these days as well, and am trying to take pictures and videos often. Document in the way that works best for you- write it out, make a scrapbook, or share it all online. You will never regret taking the time to capture these moments, and you’ll have a way to remember them after graduation!