Name: Samantha Sluger 

Class Year: Senior, 2018 

Birthday: August 2nd, 1996 

Major: Communication with a Marketing Minor 


Hey there! We’re so excited to be interviewing you. At Her Campus, we want to make sure we can share all the awesome things about you to our readers. I’ve compiled some questions for you to answer, are you ready? 


(HC): What drew you to want to attend St. Vincent College? 


Sam Sluger: Well, I came up here for Steelers Training Camp when I was 16 (because my family and I are huge Steelers fans) and I was like “hey, I should take an academic tour here.” A college fair and a few visits later, I became a part of the class of 2018 at Saint Vincent.


(HC): What do you want to do next year?

Sam Sluger: Well, I really want to go into sports communication after I graduate. I interned with the Washington Redskins this summer in their Public Relations department and I absolutely loved it. Completely solidified what I wanted to do with my degree. As stated above, I am a huge Steelers fan, so my dream job would be to work in their communication department. 




(HC): What is your favorite thing about studying communications at SVC? 


Sam Sluger: The faculty. All of the faculty within the department has been great. Dr. Jessica Harvey is who aspire to be in life; she is amazing. The classes are really interesting, too. We get into a lot of discussion about pop culture and sports, which I am well versed in both, so it doesn’t even feel like class sometimes; it just feels so conversational and open. I have nothing but glowing things to say about the communication department at SVC. 



(HC): What’s a quote that you live by and why? 


Sam Sluger: I love John Mayer. He’s one of the most talented artists of our generation. On that, a quote I live by is from one of his songs called “Gravity.” The line is “just keep me where the light is.” That line has gotten me through a lot of hard times in my life and keeps reminding me that dark days will not last forever. 


(HC): Think back to your first year here at St. Vincent, what was a “total freshman move” that you had made and regret still to this day? 


Sam Sluger: Oh, man. In my Intro to Psychology class fall semester freshman year. It was literally the first week of lecture and I raised my hand to go to the bathroom. My professor just looked at me like “…yes?” Like, I’m sorry, for 18 years we were taught in school to ask to go to the bathroom. It was a hard habit to break! So cringey. 


(HC): Finally, who and what will you miss most when you leave here? 


Sam Sluger: I will definitely miss my close circle of friends here at SVC. Y’all know who you are. *wink wink* and Val who works at the Barista in Carey. I’ll really miss her. I try to get coffee every day with a few of my friends and keep her company during her shift; she’s like my SVC mom. The conversations with her are priceless and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.