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Samantha Kenjorski and Jennifer Myers: Falling in Love with Fall

Name: Samantha Kenjorski (SK)

Major: Marketing

Name: Jennifer Myers (JM)

Major: Graphic Design 

Her Campus (HC)

HC- What is your favorite fall color and why?

SK- My favorite fall color would have to be maroon. Anything that reminds me of the leaves changing, such as army green, or even a fall sky with the shades of blue.

 JM- My favorite fall color would be army green and navy blue. I like these colors because they look very cute together, and I have an army green jacket that goes with a lot of my fall clothes. I discovered how cute these colors were together while looking at my Pinterest and shopping for fall clothes at Old Navy.

HC: What are your favorite things about fall in general?

SK- I love watching as the days go by. The transition of the summer green leaves to all of the oranges, reds, and browns within the fall trees. I also love when the weather gets colder and I can throw on a sweater or sweatshirt. I feel like more people are more relaxed and content during the fall, so that’s a plus.

JM- I have two favorite things! I love being able to watch the leaves change colors and getting to wear fall clothing!

HC: If you could carve anything in your pumpkin this year what would you choose? Also, what gave you this inspiration?

 SK- I’ve never actually carved a pumpkin (I know…), but if I were to, I would carve a face, or a moon and stars so the light could shine through. 

JM- I would carve a cute and simple flower pattern, the standard jack o lantern face, or some kind of carving made up by my favorite t.v. shows, but preferably the first two. I get the inspiration from my favorite things that I see online and shows like Friday Night Lights.


HC: What are your favorite things to wear during this time of year?

SK- I live for sweater season. I can almost guarantee you can catch me in leggings with an oversized sweater shirt or a comfy sweater every day of the season. Of course, Uggs and scarves are a must, but occasionally I throw a pair of converse into the mix with a high bun look.

 JM- In the fall I love comfy clothes including sweaters, mostly cardigans, jeans, boots, and scarves. I love fall clothing and especially comfy, soft cardigans that are army green!

HC: Are you a pumpkin flavored fan?

SK- You know, I’ve never been a huge pumpkin fan, but maybe this year will be the year I ‘fall’ in love with it.

JM- I’m a big fan of pumpkin! My aunt makes really good pumpkin rolls and my mom and I always make pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. And to top it off, my mom makes pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting!

Anna Sowinski is a freshman at Saint Vincent College with a major in Management and a future minor in Operational Excellence. She is a member of the Saint Vincent Dance Team, Women in Business, and many other things. You could probably catch her at Panera or Starbucks with the 20 minuets of free time she has a day. Lip gloss in hand she plans to take on the world. Follow her on Instagram @anna_sowinski.
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