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Professors Out of Context

Everyone says that kids say the strangest things but, when it comes down to it our professors say things that show their human side. I asked around Saint Vincent’s campus to hear some of the most random things professors have said in class. Here are some of my favorites: 


“I used to have an iPhone but I became philosophically opposed to it so I threw it at a tree.” ~Professor Philosophy  

“I tried to convince my daughter that she will be good at math because her grandma was good at math. That doesn’t really mean much since she’s adopted though…” ~Professor Psychology   

“I didn’t mean to get up in your grill at 9:30 in the morning.” ~Professor of Communications  

“I like to light gummy bears on fire.” ~Professor of Chemistry  

“The world is constantly telling one-year-olds that they’re bad at life.” ~Professor of Psychology  

“We received a grant for a gorilla suit so we have that if you need it.” ~Professor of Psychology  

“You are all basically a bunch of failed seminarians.” ~Professor of Philosophy  

“I’m going to dress my dog up as an Ewok.” ~Professor of Psychology


Please remember that these are not specifically from professors but word of mouth of students. We cannot gaurntee the accuracy or truth of these statements. 

I live off iced coffee, pictures of dogs, horrible puns, and my next dance recital.  Sophomore Psychology Major
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