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Here’s Another New Name Acronym, Hooray! Let’s be honest, everyone remembers doing name acronyms in the second grade. We’d do them for our friends, families and even sometimes our pets. As we grew up, these acronyms evolved into a study technique, trying to remember the order of operations in math (PEMDAS), the notes on a musical staff (FACE) or political issues (MIA or POW). And this evolution continued, as we now even integrate acronyms into our daily texting (LOL and BRB). So now, as a sophomore in college, I refuse to be caught up in silly dramas, am fed up with negativity and have resolved to put an end to unwarranted grumpiness, thus the start of my own new acronym, PQTH. 

Let me break it down for you. 

“Positive, Quiet Thoughts and Happiness” 

P is for Positive: A constant reminder to myself to try to be an optimist. This comes naturally to some people, (shout out to my mom), but others, like me, must work towards it. Being positive means seeing the silver lining, realizing that when one door closes another opens, encouraging others and yourself to look at every experience as an opportunity and working towards being the best version of you that you can be. I recently realized that negativity is draining and not fun. So, sit back, take a load off, relax and be positive…you will physically feel the difference. 

QT is for Quiet Thoughts: I know what you’re all thinking…what the heck this girl wants us to not say what we are thinking? Wrong! I want you to say everything you think, but I want you to first quietly think about what you say, decide how you want to be perceived and then allow your thoughts to flow. We are growing up, which is a scary thought, and what we say now could have huge implications on us and others, so……Quiet Thoughts. 

H is for Happiness: Do things that make you happy! Look to do a couple of things every day that make you happy. These don’t need to be earthshattering events – open a door for someone, tell the cashier to have a nice day, buy yourself that cute blouse you’ve been saving for, blast your favorite song loudly, sing at the top of your lungs, or enjoy a beautiful sunset. You will be surprised that happiness is not difficult to achieve when you allow yourself to relax and enjoy the moment. Just be sure the choices you make are healthy and enhance the lives of the people around you, or that happiness will be fleeting. 

PQTH is my new acronym and I’m still trying to make it my lifestyle. It’s a journey but the destination is worth the trip. So, give it a try. And I hope you find your life filled with positive people, experiences and true happiness!

Just a New Hampshire girl trying to make it in a Pennsylvania world! I have a bad case of the travel bug, adore tea with friends and live for new experiences. Sophomore Marketing Major with a Management Minor
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