The One Essential Every College Student Needs

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When packing for college, every student brings the essentials. These college basics include pillows, bedding, a shower caddy, and a towel. However, students at Saint Vincent are not using just any old towel, they are using the SILVERTOWEL® Shower Towel. We have collaborated with SILVERSPORT® to make sure our students have clean, soft, and odor-free towels while they live in dorms and apartments. College dorms and shared living spaces can get dirty, especially the showers which become a bacteria breeding ground. The SILVERTOWEL® Shower Towel is designed to overcome the smelliest of college dorms and is perfect for the college lifestyle. It utilizes nanoscale silver technology to kill any odor-causing bacteria that it comes in contact with, keeping it free of odor after countless uses. 

SILVERSPORT® also sells men’s and women’s activewear, socks, and fitness accessories. These products feature SILVERCLEAN® technology to promise an odor-free, active lifestyle. Now you can go on a run then grab a coffee or hit the gym in-between classes without having to change because your clothes won’t smell! And once your workout and busy day are over, you can dry off with this high quality, naturally antimicrobial shower towel to stay fresh and odor-free. 

We love this life changing college essential and we know you will too! Thanks to SILVERSPORT® for sending us some of their shower towels, these new towels have totally changed our college experience. Another benefit of using the SILVERTOWEL® Shower Towel is that it doesn’t have to be washed as frequently as other towels. Even after the 10th day of use this luxury towel smells brand new! You cannot find anything like this anywhere but SILVERSPORT® so definitely check them out.