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Olivia Straka

Name: Olivia Straka

Class Year: Sophomore

Birthday: February 17

Major: Biochemistry


Her Campus (HC): Hey there! We’re so excited to be interviewing you. At Her Campus, we want to make sure we can share all the awesome things about you to our readers. I’ve compiled some questions for you to answer, are you ready?


(OS): Olivia Straka


(HC): Why did you come to SVC?  


(OS): I was looking at smaller colleges with strong science programs. My visit to SVC gave me the opportunity to explore the programs the school has to offer, as well as see the atmosphere on campus. Walking around SVC felt like home, and I knew after that visit that I would call SVC home.



(HC): Why did you choose your major, what are your plans for after college?


(OS): I chose biochemistry as my major because I have always loved science and knew I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. The major is equally as tough as it is rewarding. After college I plan to attend physician’s assistant school and I’d like to be a pediatric PA.



(HC): Tell me about the things that you love to do.


(OS): I love to run, I run cross country and track here. I also enjoy swimming, hanging out with my friends, playing with my dog, and playing the violin (even though I don’t do it very often).


(HC): What’s your favorite memory of SVC?


(OS): My favorite memory of SVC is from a few months ago, winning the home XC invitational with my team. We worked together to achieve a common goal, and became closer as a result.



(HC): What is an interesting fact about you that others don’t know?


(OS): An interesting, and kind of funny fact about me is that I am clumsy. I’ve been known to trip and fall over uneven sidewalks, tree roots and branches, and up stairs.



(HC): Who is your biggest role model?


(OS): I have two big role models- my parents. They have always taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to, and to always be positive. They also taught me the value of hard work and patience. These virtues can be applied to all aspects of life, and I will carry them with me throughout my life. 

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