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I’m finally starting to understand what all the adults in my life meant when they said “time flies.” I heard the phrase at my high school graduation, on move-in day for college, and again now at the end of sophomore year… but I don’t think I really understood what they all meant until recently. I’m halfway through the process of completing my undergraduate degree, but I feel like the whole experience just started yesterday. As I was packing up my books, clothes, and everything else in my dorm, I was thinking about what an eventful two years I’ve had. I’ve grown so much, and I’ve tried things I never thought were possible for me. I’m hoping to continue seeking new experiences and adventures. Pondering this as I cleaned out my desk drawers led me to an idea… I’m calling it “My Summer of Opportunities.”



I’m setting the goal to be less afraid. It’s no secret that my anxiety and I are a package deal most of the time, but I’m hoping to spend the summer getting that under control. I don’t want to say no to any opportunities, regardless of how anxious they make me. If it seems fun, I’m striving to make my answer an unconditional YES. I’m looking to cultivate confidence in everything I do; that might mean having the courage to wear the clothes I want to wear, to post that photo where my hair looks a bit crazy, or to be unconditionally honest with the people I love. Whatever comes my way this summer, I want to be brave enough to face it head on.


This summer, I’m challenging myself to stay as busy as I can. I’m hoping to make memories, challenge myself, and grow as a person. I’m active in a lot of clubs on campus, and I’m hoping stay just as busy doing the things I love while I’m at home. I’ve planned out volunteer experiences, gotten a gym membership, and have several summer jobs. I’m challenging myself to learn sign language, to run my first 5K, and to get that second tattoo I’ve been wanting for a while. I’ve realized that time does fly by quickly, so I need to make the most of every moment by doing the things I enjoy.


I’m looking forward to “My Summer of Opportunities” and I hope you’ll do the same for yours! Here’s hoping the time doesn’t fly by too fast!








I'm Megan Miller, a senior Psychology/Sociology double major and Children's Studies minor. You can find me giving campus tours, kicked back in the Fred Rogers Center, or on a date with my homework at the local coffee shop. If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I approach every day with one goal: make Michelle Obama proud.
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