Mr. Brendon Masten

Name: Brendon Masten        

Major: Computer Science

Year(class): Senior

Hometown: Irwin, Pennsylvania

Birthday: October 6th 1994


Why did you choose your major and what would you like to do after graduation?

            I chose my major just because it was something that interested me. I came into school a business major, but wanted to try something different, so I switched to computer science.


It’s your senior year and you have less than 50 days til graduation. How do you feel about that?

            Pretty pumped, I am kind of broke right now, and getting a real job will change that, so I think that will be pretty cool.


What is your favorite SVC memory?

            Freshmen year winning the PAC Championship with my friends on Chuck Noll.


You played a great season this year! How long have you been playing lacrosse?

            I have been playing since 2nd grade, I started when I lived in Philadelphia.

Do you have any goals for this season or any future plans for lacrosse after college?

            My goals for this season are to win the ORLC championship. As of right now, I am an assistant coach for my high school team, and I plan on continuing to do that.


March Madness has come to an end! What’s your opinion about the outcome?

            I didn’t make a bracket, but there were some pretty phenomenal games this March.


We know you just recently celebrated your 8 year anniversary with your girlfriend, Kaura! Happy Belated Anniversary. If you could give one piece of relationship advice what would it be?

            Hahaha..thanks! It’s pretty easy honestly, just make memories and enjoy your time together. It’s easy when you are in love with your best friend.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

            My roommate Kyle, and I own fish. Their names are “Booker-T”, “Ronald Reagan”, “Fred Rodgers”, and two other little guys we can’t, think of the names of right now.


Who is your role model in life and why?

            Both of my parents, they have taught me to never fear failure, and to always do what makes you happy. Even if that means putting yourself first sometimes.