Morgan Grahn

Name: Morgan Grahn

Year (Class): Junior

Birthday: August 23

Major: Criminology, Law and Society

Hometown: Somerset, Pennsylvania



Why did you choose your major?

            I chose Criminology because my dad was a police officer for several years and I just love helping people! I am really into theory and why people choose to commit crimes! I plan on continuing my education and applying for the Masters of Criminology program here at SVC.


The end of the semester is approaching quickly! Are you excited for your senior year?

            I am super excited and also nervous at the same time! I feel like college and these past four years have gone so fast! And all I have to say is bring on senior year!

A few people have mentioned a college bucket list. Do you have anything that you would put on your college bucket list?

            I would say a big thing on my bucket list is doing all the senior traditions like Wednesday nights at Falbos, the Pirates Game, trip to Pittsburgh and all that good stuff with my friends.


What clubs do you participate in on campus?

            I always like to be involved on campus as much as possible! So I am currently the President of Criminology Club, member in Alpha Phi Omega, and an Orientation Director for the incoming class!

Do you have a favorite professor at SVC? If so, who and why?

            Of course being a Criminology major, my favorite professor at SVC is Dr. Kocian. Everyday is a great day, if you have Dr. Kocian for class. He makes every topic interesting and every lecture is informative. Saint Vincent College is very lucky to have such a quality and amazing professor.  So if you haven’t had Dr. Kocian for a class yet, you need to!


What would be your favorite SVC memory be so far?

            Most definitely meeting my best friend and boyfriend, Samuel Geer! And also winning Pod Wars my freshmen year with Pod 3C.

Time for Easter Break! Do you have any plans for the week?

            Definitely catch up on all my projects that are due by the end of the semester and spending quality time for my family and friends! I also can’t forget sleep! That’s very important.


Have you ever participated in Easter egg hunts or any other Easter traditions? If so, what’s your favorite?

            Yes, I love those Easter egg hunts! My family is still big on the Easter traditions! My mom still hides a couple Easter eggs around the house and still hides my Easter basket. We also have an Easter family brunch and have lots of fun joking around the table. It’s nice to have the family all together for a meal.

Do you have any siblings?

            Yes, I have an older sister, Samantha and now a brother-in-law, Dan! They are my favorite people and the biggest goofballs! And I am very thankful to have them in my life each and every day.


What’s an important fact about yourself?

            I would say that an important fact about me is that I get to work Security for Steelers Training Camp in the summer and get to meet all the players. They always make fun of me because I’m short and that they should be my bodyguard instead. Once a Steeler fan, always a Steeler fan!