Meet Your Executive Board

Meet Your New Executive Board!

As your new CC for the upcoming two years, I am SO excited to work with these lovely ladies. We have a lot of big plans in store and would love to receive inspo from our members and readers! This group of girls and myself are the ones you’ll want to come to with your ideas or to find out how to get involved. I wouldn’t be able to do this without them, so without further ado – here’s your new Her Campus Saint Vincent executive board!

Allie DenglerSenior Editor

My name is Allie Dengler, and I am currently a junior here at Saint Vincent. I am a double major in politics and criminology. Besides being the senior editor for Her Campus Saint Vincent, I also am involved in Women in Business as well as Criminology club.

Insta: @aedengler

Email: [email protected]


Megan MillerEvents Director

Insta: @megannicolemiller

Email: [email protected]

Hi everyone! I'm Megan Miller, the new HC Events Director. I'm a Sophomore Psychology/Sociology double major with a minor in Children's Studies. When I graduate I'm planning to work as a Child Life Specialist, and I'm hoping to make kids' long term hospital stays a little more comfortable and child-friendly. When I'm not frantically studying or writing for Her Campus, I spend my time at SVC playing rugby, hanging out with the awesome friends I’ve made here, serving as SGA's FMO Committee Chair, and with the Psychology Club, Active Minds Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Orientation Committee.


Marley BraunlichMarketing and Publicity Director


Hi I’m Marley! I am a junior Marketing major and a Communication minor with a passion for people and creativity. I am also in the SAP Business One program at Saint Vincent and I am active in Student Government and Women in Business.

Insta: @marley.sue

Email: [email protected]


Casey KalpSocial Media Director

Hi! I’m Casey Kalp and I am taking on the position of Social Media Director for Her Campus. I am a sophomore majoring in Integrated Science with a concentration in Allied Health and a double minor in Children’s Studies and Psychology. I’m actively involved in several clubs on campus including Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, the Activities Programming Board, Active Minds, Circle K, Public Health, and obviously Her Campus. I am also the secretary of SCEC as well as a Fred Rogers Scholar. Upon graduating from Saint Vincent College I plan to attend a physical therapy school and earn my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Which will allow me to achieve my goal of becoming a pediatric physical therapist. 

Insta: @caseykalp

Email: [email protected]


What excites you most about your position?

Allie: What excites me most about being the senior editor for her campus Saint Vincent would be getting the opportunity to share ideas with writers and others in the club, and getting the articles more views on and off campus. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I hope to meet some more people who feel the same way.

Megan: I can't wait to start working more closely with some of the great organizations in our area. We did a clothing drive to benefit The Blackburn Center last semester, and I've contacted them about participating in their "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event this spring. My position is a great opportunity to reach out to some really deserving people and plan events to benefit them, and I'm so excited to get started!

Marley: I am very excited to improve our chapter’s photography for social media as well as expanding the brands we collaborate with for events and giveaways! Get ready for a new feed on Instagram and be on the lookout for even more exciting things happening in 2018.

Casey: I am truly excited to be our Social Media Director and hope to expand our social media base with more post on all platforms.


What plans do you have in mind for improving our chapter?

Allie: I hope to encourage writers to write about whatever it is that inspires them, no matter how controversial. I know it can be hard to put your writing out there for others to read, but I hope that we can work on being more comfortable in doing so. I ultimately would like more people to join the club (writer or not), so we all have the opportunity to meet new people.

Megan: I'd love to see HC plan some more events that get the whole student body involved! Our chapter has been growing a lot over the last couple years, and I think having some fun events could help us find even more awesome members.

Marley: I hope to encourage other Saint Vincent students to join Her Campus and channel their creative sides. Also, I want our chapter to get to know each other more through team bonding events to continue building a supportive, empowering community of young women.

Casey: I would like to plan and enact more service projects on campus as well as possibly off. Also I would love to have more team bonding events so we can really get to know each other.


What is something you’d like our readers to know about you?

Allie: One thing I would like people to know about me is that I’m always down to make new friends, and I will never turn down an opportunity to talk over coffee, go on an adventure, or take a road trip.

Megan: Anyone who knows me has heard me talk about how passionate I am about the Give Kids the World Organization, and if there’s anything our readers should know about me, it’s that. Basically, Give Kids the World is a resort in Orlando, Florida that sponsors free stays for children on Make-A-Wish trips to Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea World. I’ve been there to volunteer 4 times since my senior year of high school, and I’ve loved every minute of it. It was what shaped my career choice, and I even have a tattoo of the Make-A-Wish star on my left wrist.

Marley: I am very passionate about nutrition, research, positive thinking, holistic practices, environmental awareness, and fitness including yoga and biking. I am also a Pinterest-addict for all things fashion, adventures, puppies, photography, and decor!

Casey: One thing that I would like our readers to know about me is that I hope to publish a book before graduating from SVC. I absolutely love the writing aspect of Her Campus, as it was the initial reason that I joined.

What’s your favorite quote and why?

Allie: My favorite quote, if I had to pick one, would be “start each day with a grateful heart”. I think if we all truly realized how blessed we are each day when we wake up, we would have less to complain about and more to appreciate.

Megan: "Be as fearless as the women whose stories you have applauded." This quote by Hillary Clinton reminds me that you can't have a positive influence if you're not completely invested and authentic in what you do. The women I've admired my whole life are fierce, strong, and speak up for what they believe in. This quote reminds me to live every day that way.

Marley: “Start each day with a grateful heart.” I like to remind myself how grateful I am for everyone in my life and all that they do for me. Saying thank you and expressing your appreciation, embracing any obstacles that come your way, and opening your heart to those who need love, friendship, encouragement, or kindness are just a few of the important lessons I have learned from this quote.

Casey: I don’t know if I have just one favorite quote per say, but if I had to pick just one it would be, “Women feel like we need permission. …. We need to lead and change that."-Emma Watson. This is one of my favorite quotes for two reasons: I have always thought of Emma Watson as a role model and I feel that the second half of this quote is the embodiment of Her Campus.


What do you love most about Saint Vincent?

Allie: What I love most about Saint Vincent would be the food…. totally kidding. I think the best part is the feeling of being at home. I don’t know how to explain that other than by saying that I’ve always felt welcomed here. My professors have all been great and what’s better than living so close to friends?

Megan: My favorite thing about SVC is that it feels like a home away from home. The first time I visited the campus for a tour, I knew it was where I belonged. Being a student here lets you become a part of the biggest and most wonderful family you could ask for, and I love that more than anything.

Marley: I love seeing the welcoming, little trees that light up the road when you turn into SVC, taking walks with friends on the path behind Benny, admiring how beautiful our campus is throughout each season, and appreciating the endless opportunities Saint Vincent offers for our future careers. I especially love the life-long friendships I have been blessed with!

Casey: The thing I love most about Saint Vincent is the atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and kind, there is never a moment that I feel out of place. I’m always happy to greet everyone and see so many familiar faces around campus. Saint Vincent has become my second home in less than two years and I have to say that’s pretty amazing.