Makayla McCandless

Name: Makayla McCandless

Birthday: June 27, 1998

Major: Biology

Grade: Junior


Let's get to know a little bit about this amazing gal.

1. Why did you choose SVC as your college home?

I commute and at the time I had no desire to leave my home, family, and animals so Saint Vincent gave me the option of staying at home while also furthering my education!


2. What’s your favorite memory of SVC?

Probably just all the late night studying with friends. While we’re all so stressed it’s such a mutual feeling that we’re all able to relate to so it can get quite comical.


3. What are your future plans for after graduation?

So originally I wanted to pursue graduate school, however now I’m leaning toward a career in Equine rehabilitation.

4. Who’s your role model?

I know so many inspiring women that I look up at and admire greatly, but If I were to pick just one I would have to pick Fallon Taylor. She’s a professional barrel racer, entrepreneur, and just an amazingly inspiring positive lady. Y’all should check her out!


5. Tell me something interesting about yourself that most people don’t know.

When I’m not at SVC or work you can normally find me at the barn on a horse. My dad had me on a horse long before I could walk and it’s forever been my passion in life. I live for traveling up and down the road to rodeos with my horses, pups, and great friends & family! I LOVE meeting new people along the way as well as the overall environment that rodeos have to offer. They’re full of some of the most God loving, positive, and kindhearted people that I know!

Thanks, Makayla!