Lucy Bujdos

Name: Lucy Bujdos

Birthday: October 26, 1996

Major: English, minor in Secondary Education

Class: Senior


1. Why did you choose SVC as your college home?

When I first arrived on campus, my mom and I were just visiting unofficially for the day. I remember so clearly the willow trees, so peaceful and yet so strong, standing quietly in the sunlight. At home, we have a big willow tree in our backyard that my three siblings and I used to play on. We used to pretend to be Tarzan and swing from the branches that hung over the hillside. Seeing those willow trees that day brought an indescribable peace to my heart, a joy that I have yet to be able to explain fully, that I have never been able to shake from who I am. Those feelings have grown stronger and fuller with every passing moment, every day I fall more in love with this place, this place that has always been home. Now, I can definitely say that God knew what He was doing when He so kindly led me here: I could not be more blessed or happier to be here.

2. What’s your favorite memory of SVC?

Honestly, every single day on this campus with this family is my new favorite day; I can’t put into words how much I love every memory I have of this place. Though it’s definitely impossible to choose just one, I will say that one of my absolute favorite memories at SVC would be at the Ignite Retreat during the spring semester of my sophomore year. Of course, since day one, I have been so joyful at Saint Vincent and been so blessed by God in my friendships and experiences. At this retreat, though, I found my true self; well, more like God found me. So many kindhearted and loving brothers and sisters from our SVC family were there and we just spent the weekend going to talks, to mass, and spending time together in prayer and fellowship. I have never experienced such an outpour of love and grace. I have never felt so comfortable and confident in who I am and it was after that retreat that I really knew how special SVC was and grows in my heart to be so special today.

3. What are your future plans for after graduation?

Currently, I am still in the process of deciding what exactly I am going to do after graduation. I have aspirations to be a middle-school teacher, but I am also interested in possibly doing some missionary work for a few years before that. I am enjoying spending this semester praying about it and discerning what is best. I trust that God will lead me to where He knows is best and I am looking forward to whatever that is. I know it will be amazing no matter what!


4. Who’s your role model?

My biggest role model is my high school basketball coach, Mr. Dave Woodall. When I was in third grade, I attended a week-long basketball camp at the high school with him and my future assistant coach, Coach Peterson. I went to camp and skills practices with them throughout elementary school and then, from seventh grade until graduation, they coached me through every basketball season. Coach Woodall taught me what it meant to pursue what you love with your whole heart, to love your team and those around you first, and what it means to be a humble, kind, and strong leader. He pushed me to be the person I am today and I will never be able to fully express in words how much he means to me.

5. Tell me about the experience of winning Homecoming Queen!

Wow, what an absolutely incredible day! The entire day was such a beautiful experience, I could not have been more blessed to simply be on the Homecoming Court with so many amazing and kindhearted people. Everyone was so enthusiastic and encouraging of one another and we were all just so excited to spend the day together: no matter who won, we were just happy to participate in such a fun event. Then, when they announced my name, I was truly in shock; I had no idea. It was such a humbling experience and such an honor, that my campus family would nominate me on to court let alone vote for me to be the queen. My heart was overflowing with joy and gratitude for this school and every person here. Everyone was so congratulatory and loving: my cheeks honestly hurt for days from smiling so much. I just really love everyone on this campus so much and could not be more thankful to God for the blessings of friendship and love he poured out that day and every day I have spent here at Saint Vincent.