Life is Like a Bunch of Song Lyrics: Top 10 Songs to Describe a College Students Life

As a college student, we all know that music just happens to call to us during our time in college more so than it ever did. Maybe it’s because of all the new life experiences, or maybe it’s because we are just super stressed over difficult classes with even more difficult professors and need an outlet. Below is a list of 10 songs that I feel not only describe college life, but hopefully could help you through the similar situations.


Song 1: The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

Now I know we all have those days were we just “don’t feel like doing anything,” and just want to lay in bed and forget all our problems, (like classes). What better song to go along with that than a song literally about being lazy and ignoring the world!


Song 2: What Do You Want From Me by Adam Lambert

This is for sure a song to describe how we feel when we are dealing with really picky and confusing professors! I know this is what I want to just yell when I’m frustrated with certain professors.


Song 3: All the kids are depressed by Jeremy Zucker

This song is a little more on the sad side but hey, we all feel this way sometimes. The chorus is how we all feel when we are in college and feeling weird and questioning our life choices to be in college.


Song 4: Young, Dumb & Broke by Khalid

I think as all college students would say, we broke-broke. College and the supplies for college, like the books, are so expensive! I mean it says high school kids... but let’s be honest, college is where we all complain about being young, dumb and broke!


Song 5: Goodbyes by Post Malone ft. Young Thug

I know we all have that one guy or girl that we’ve seen from across the room or that we have classes with that we find attractive, we talk to them and then you get those weird “I don’t know if I like them or like the attention from them.” Or maybe you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who you’ve recently broken up with or who broke your heart, but they are all that’s on your mind. Then we lose focus on what’s important... ourselves. This is the perfect song to describe that feeling and or experience, and that it’s time to kick them out of your minds and give them one more final goodbye.


Song 6: Day ‘N’ Night by Kid Cudi

When talking about this article with a friend of mine, Justin, one of the first songs he suggested was Day ‘N’ Night, and let’s be honest this song screams college life! We all get kept awake with stress of life and classwork at some point, or all the time, during our college careers. What better song to describe that than a song that talks about how all day and all night stress keeps you tossing and turning?


Song 7: Numb by Linkin Park

I honestly had such a hard time choosing songs because there are so many, but Justin, right after suggesting the song before this one, suggested Numb, because, like all of us college students are doing, we are trying to navigate through our new lives and trying to find our own ways despite any expectations our parents have for us or how far away our dreams may seem. Honestly, it’s so true as well, you just become numb to what everyone else thinks your dreams should be and you just focus on the moment in time in front of you.


Song 8: Lot to Learn by Luke Christopher

This song is perfect description of what we all need to realize, we still have a lot to learn in life. Life isn’t just all about academic learning, it’s about learning about life and how to go through life independently and on your own, in your world. If you’re someone in a relationship while attending college, it’s about learning to balance college life and your romantic life. College is one of the biggest times in our lives where we are learning and growing into the person we want to be. Huge thanks to my friend Sarinna for the suggestion of this song!


Song 9: Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner

This was another song so kindly suggested to me by my friend Justin, because as he said, “a song about that person you have a huge crush on, but they just keep thinking how their crush is way above their level.” I mean I know I’ve felt this way before on more than one occasion, and I know friends of mine have too. As we all know dating or trying to get in a relationship with someone in college is hard and has so many anxieties tied along with it.


Song 10: 24/7 by Kehlani

This was also a suggested song from my friend Sarinna. I had never heard this song before she suggested it, but I must say this definitely related to us college students. It’s hard to keep a smile 24/7 or to just be happy 24/7 when you’re a college student. There are so many factors in life and in dealing with classes and the classwork that makes it hard to smile and be happy all the time. This song is like, “Hey it’s okay not to be okay no one is constantly happy and smiling 24/7.” Overall super relatable!

I hope these songs help you get through living the college lifestyle! I know it’s hard to adjust to, but hopefully a little music makes the transition and getting through college a little easier!