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Let’s Chill Out

Ways to Chill Out

With the second half of the semester upon us, it’s important for us all to take some necessary time outs with the heavy course load that it brings. Check out some ways to relax and unwind!

  1. Listen to Music
  • Listening to music is one of my favorite things to do when I’m stressed. In fact, about campus you’ll be hard pressed to find me without my headphones on my commute to class. There’s just something about jamming out to your favorite tunes before class to get you pumped for the day.
  1. Do Something Creative
  • Love writing? Drawing? Poetry? Perfect the craft! I love keeping lots of small journals on me so that I can draw whenever the mood strikes. Bonus points if you share your talent with others!
  1. Hang Out With Friends

Nothing quite like a little time with friends to rejuvenate and relax! Can someone say G.N.O.?

  1. Take A Walk
  • With spring right around the corner, I love to get outside! This campus offers loads of beautiful spaces for you to get active, like trails, nature reserves, sports games and more!
  1. Exercise
  • I know this sounds counterproductive, but exercising actually has loads of benefits that make you feel much more relaxed and full of energy! Try out Yoga With a Twist or Cardio Kickboxing!

Now Finish Off The Semester Strong Bearcats!

-xoxo, HCSVC

Lisa Mason is currently a Junior Marketing major with a minor in Management. She is a member of Activities Programming Board, Women in Business, Singers, and works as an Admissions Ambassador at Saint Vincent College. Since she has a passion for meeting and helping others; she hopes to use her field of Marketing to become a professor as well as become a Marketing Manager of a firm someday in a major city. You can find her enjoying time with her friends, drinking salted caramel cappuccinos, or blogging. Also, it wouldn't be the craziest thing in the world to say that she is a Netflix, caffeine, and retail therapy enthusiast. Follow her on Instagram: masonjar_17 and check out her blog at http://youngandtwenty.blogspot.com/.
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