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Jamie Kensinger: Residence Hall Director

Name: Jamie Kensinger

College Attended: Geneva College

Degree(s): Undergrad: Communications and Public Relations with a minor in Writing

 Masters: Higher Education

Hometown: Martinsburg, PA 


Her Campus (HC): What is your favorite spot on campus?


Jamie Kensinger (JK): Sebastian’s Garden, I just like that it’s a tranquil spot that’s not overcrowded.  It’s a place that’s a symbol of what the campus is all about: bringing the college and the monastery together.


(HC): What is your favorite thing about Saint Vincent?


(JK): The community.  I always liked faith-based institutions and I think that Saint Vincent does it very well.


(HC): What do you do when you’re not at Saint Vincent?


(JK): I volunteer at an animal shelter and visit family.  I run my new independent consultant business for Perfectly Posh.  I also write when I can get to a coffee shop.

(HC): What is your favorite animal?


(JK): Panda. They’re just cute and I want to hug them!


(HC): What is your favorite local coffee shop?


(JK): Coffee Bean Café.  


(HC): What is your favorite store or clothing brand?


(JK): I love shopping.  I like going to Target, but I like getting my clothes from different places; everywhere!


(HC): What is your favorite season?


(JK): Fall!  It’s nice and cool and I like the colors!

(HC): If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move?


(JK):  New Zealand so I can go to the habitant tour anytime I want. I’d want to take my family with me.


(HC): Do you have any advice for college students?


(JK): Enjoy the time that you have in college while making good decisions because this is the only time that you’re actually going to live in a large community of just your peers where you have access to everything that you need; academics, wellness, career advice, etc.

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