Jake Mercer: His Internship and Advice

Jake Mercer is a communication major, a cross country and track runner, and just so happens to be my boyfriend. This past summer Jake had an internship with a radio station. I thought it would be interesting to share his experience with those looking into internships of their own. Read on for more information about Jake, his internship, and some great advice to improve your own internship experience.


Name: Jacob (Jake) Mercer

Birthday: September 20th

Major: Communication

Grade: Junior

How did you get your internship?

JM: I got my internship through the CEC [Community Education Center] in St. Marys, PA and they asked me if I was interested in doing an internship for The River 98.9. I called the station towards the end of the 2018 Spring Semester, and they were interested in bringing me in.


What did you do during your internship?

JM: In my internship, a colleague and myself would go around to different businesses of Elk County [PA] and sell radio marketing and advertising. We would develop these marketing plans as a staff beforehand. We would also go to different events happening around the area and conduct live radio shows and interviews with the people involved in the event. It was a great experience for me.


Did you learn anything new about yourself or your future career path from your experience?

JM: I gained confidence in myself when it comes to dealing with trying to convince someone to buy into something. The key is just to be yourself and things will fall into place. Also, I did things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do, like conduct on the spot interviews live on the radio.

Any advice for other students looking into/starting their own internships?

JM: My advice to people that are looking for an internship or beginning an internship is to not be afraid. You will make mistakes, but it will help you grow and learn to better yourself for the future. Also, remember who you meet during your internship. That next hand you shake might lead to a future opportunity if you make a good impression. I know everyone says this, but networking is key when you are in an internship. I made so many key connections during my time at The River.


What skills did you gain and/or improve on through your internship?

JM: Working at the The River over the summer made me learn how to fit the personality of the people I was marketing to. It also gave me better face to face communication skills with people I didn’t know, as well as learning how to conduct my speaking voice live on air.


Thanks to Jake for agreeing to this interview, and for always putting up with my antics.