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It’s Not Me, It’s You

*Warning: this article may contain super sassy content.

Have you ever got to the point with someone where you just had enough and you snap? You lose the filter and you just let it out? Then, being the nice person that you are, you feel bad. You blame it on your mood that day, or that you’re impatient or the best excuse, “PMSing.” But let’s be honest for a second… Why are you blaming yourself when sometimes some people just should not do what they do, say what they say, or act the way they act? They can blame it all they want on your mood, but when it comes down to it, it’s them that is the problem, not you. And it’s okay to admit that. People just need to learn to deal with the crap because even though life may not always go your way, it still goes on.

Stop being self-centered. No one wants to be around someone who only talks about herself. That is pretty much a given fact. Breaking news: Do you know that there is a whole world around you? Well there is! When you realize that you are a self-centered person (the first step is admitting it), you also realize everything you are missing out on. Trust me, nothing is better than talking to other people and getting to know other people. Sometimes you will find the advice and answers you are looking for just from asking someone how their day was. As much as you want to believe that everyone wants to know about your diet and every other single detail of your life, people usually do not care. Honestly, it is in your best interest to get to know other people and in turn, experience the world and other things it has to offer because you are not it’s only gift.

Stop thinking only your life is hard. Everything in life is such a competition. So naturally people like to compete to see who has the harder life to complain about. Typically, the person complaining about how hard their life is, usually do not have a rough life at all. I know people with truly difficult and challenging lives who motivate others and smile during the hardest of times. I also know people who are truly blessed with the life they are given yet try long and hard to search for reasons their life is such a struggle. Yes, just because someone’s life is better than yours doesn’t mean you cannot be happy and just because someone’s life is harder than yours, doesn’t mean you cannot me sad. But let’s not go searching down deep for problems that are not really there and start appreciating what we have.

Stop thinking you’re always a victim. My generation is too good with this one. We come from the “everyone gets a trophy” generation. When we were younger, we were rewarded for things we were already supposed to be doing. Then we get to the big bad world, and plot twist, it does not work that way. You didn’t get what you want? Well get up, quit crying, and work harder. Quit acting like a helpless victim. Life is fair because it is unfair to everybody. As Dr. Yang once said, “If you want crappy things to stop happening to you, you have to stop accepting crappy things and demand something better.” Success is so much sweeter when you work for what you want.

Stop trying to be someone you’re not. For the love of all that is good, be yourself. Life can already be so exhausting sometimes so why make it tougher by having to exert energy into being someone that you are not? Fake people have an image to maintain and real people just do not care. It is also so much nicer of a feeling to know that you are liked for who you are or even hated for who you are instead of trying so hard to be liked for something you just aren’t. Think of it this way, instead of copying another person’s image; exert that energy into becoming the best self you can be. The world only has one you, so be it.

Stop thinking you’re the only one in the world that’s “busy.” Everyone in this world is busy because everyone has priorities and a thousand things they want to accomplish in a day. Quit making being busy an excuse to treat people like crap or to constantly be in a bad mood. Yes, life can be tiring sometimes and we all need a break. Just remember that you chose to be busy. Everything in life is a choice and if you do not like it, only you can change it.

And I will admit it. I am not a perfect person. I am sure that the things I say and do annoy some people and yet, the same thing can make another person’s day.  You cannot please everyone and that’s life. It is a great feeling to have friends who will be there when you need to vent or to listen to you. And it is especially nice to be there when they need to do the same. But for the love of all mankind, life is amazing, you are not always the victim, be yourself, and I am sorry but the world does not always revolve around you.

Hey! I am Alexis Satterfield and I am an accounting major at Saint Vincent College! I am a self proclaimed professional shopper who loves the little things in life. I love my dogs, sales, just about every food in the world, and running is my favorite escape. I believe in hard work leading to success and the nice guy finishing first. This year is my last year at St. Vincent College and I am very excited to have Her Campus beginning to make an impact here at SVC! 
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