The Importance of Finding Comfort Throughout Your Day

These past few months I have found myself in some life-changing situations and have made some decisions along the way that have been some of the hardest in my life. With all of the change around me, I found myself searching for comfort to get me through these tough times. 

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Especially during this crazy time with the last week of classes, finals, and getting ready to head home for the holidays, it’s important to take time for yourself throughout the day to wind down and collect yourself. If you’re telling yourself “I don’t have time for that” or “I am too busy to take a break from everything”, then there are other ways that you can be reminded throughout the day that everything is going to be ok (but also, you need to take a break!). 


Here are three things that I have in my life that no matter how small they may seem ... they never fail to pick me up when I find myself needing it the most. 


1. Sprinkle of Jesus – App 

Image Credit: screenshot from Sprinkle of Jesus 


Most people probably know something about or have this application, but for those who don’t, this is a must have if you find yourself too busy to destress. This app allows you to customize which notifications you would like to receive that are sent to your phone at random times throughout the day – and honestly they always seem to be at the most perfect times for me. There are notifications tailored just for woman, as well as men, and other general categories within the application like news and ways to get connected with different groups. Some topics include love, friendships, and just overall daily motivation to remind you that everything that you are working towards is worth it. 


2. Eternal Sunshine – App 

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Like Sprinkle of Jesus, Eternal Sunshine is another notification based app that sends out affirmations throughout your day. The application also includes Daily Mantras, Inspirational Talks, Meditation Exercises, and more that are all tailored to helping you unwind. They mostly send out short prayers, rather than give a wide variety of choices to customize your notifications. Like Sprinkle of Jesus, the topics include love, friendships, motivation, and ways to start your day off right. 


3. Writing & Reflection 

Image Credit: Sam Kenjorski 


One of the staple features of Saint Vincent College is our beautiful Basilica at the heart of campus. Whenever I walk in, I am instantly hit with a wave of comfort and peace, no matter what I may be thinking or feeling that day. I never used to be the type to journal or have a diary, but I have recently started to – whether it be just me writing out my thoughts or if they are prayers that I hope to be answered. I try to make time about twice a week from anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. My favorite spot is towards the back corner of the Basilica, where which there is a small cove full of candles and chairs to sit and or kneel in prayer. This small activity has changed my life for the better and I don’t know how I ever got through before without it. 

If you have your own ways of finding comfort and unwinding during your day, don’t be afraid to let others know - we are all struggling with something, no matter how we choose to show it! Taking time for yourself, especially in times of change and stress, is one of the most important things that we can do to help us move forward in a positive way. 

I challenge you to implement one new way to add comfort or motivation throughout your day. Whether it be with what I have shared that give me a little boost, or tips of your own – go and help yourself, because in the end, the only one that can truly help you is YOU. 

With that, have a wonderful holiday season filled with much needed time with family, friends, and relaxation!