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I’m in College and I Stay Sober

Yes, you read that right. I, a college student drowning herself in coursework, do not spend my weekends drinking away the stress of the week. I know this is shocking news to some of you, but let me explain myself. I take a very high dosage of a medication that cannot be mixed with alcohol; the side effects are not something I would like to deal with and so even if I wanted to drink, I can’t. I have found that there are actually a surprisingly large number of people like me and there are a few things we want people to know about us: 

We Do NOT Look Down on the Rest of You 

Just because we won’t drink, we don’t think alcohol is the work of the devil. We all have our reasons for steering clear of party juice, and that is our choice, but we still want the rest of you to have fun in your own way. 

We Still Enjoy Going Out 

We don’t need alcohol to have a good time. Some people assume that since we don’t drink, we don’t want to be around alcohol at all. Although that may be true for some of us, please don’t assume. Invite us to come out with you and then not only will you have the pleasure of our company, you also have a sober body to keep you hydrated and safe from harm. 

We Don’t Always Want to DD But We Always Will 

If you ask “hey you wanna DD tonight?” the answer in my head will almost always be no; no I do not want to give up on whatever I have planned. But I will never tell you that. I will never leave the possibility of someone getting behind the wheel under the influence as an option. Whether I have access to a car or not, I will find a way to get you home safely, every time. 


If you’re like me and don’t drink, for whatever reason, and are struggling to find a way to still have fun without alcohol on the weekends, I have some advice for you

Bring a Fruity Drink 

I have found that bringing some type of flavorful cold drink with me to a party kept the temptation of drinking alcohol at bay. Having something that tastes fun can be just as good, if not better, than beer. 

Plan a Night Out 

Try and see if you can get your friend group to take one night a weekend to do something alcohol free. A game night or trip to the nearest city can be just as fun as the local frat party. And if your friends don’t understand and support your decision to not drink, maybe it’s time to reconsider who your friends are. 

Don’t Avoid the Parties 

If parties are not your thing then by all means, avoid them. But if you are skipping out just because you think you won’t be wanted, you’re wrong. When people are drinking, they rarely care if there is someone sober around or not. They probably won’t judge your choice. So get out there and give it a try! 

Don’t Obsess Over the Fact that Your Friends Drink 

Your friends are probably going to drink and that’s okay, let them do them. Unless they’re pressuring you to drink, don’t worry about it. 

Just Be Yourself 

If you take anything from my article I hope it’s this. College is all about finding yourself and being who you are. Don’t worry about other people, just be you because I think you are pretty awesome.




Please note that the author nor Her Campus supports underage drinking. Please drink responsibly. 

I live off iced coffee, pictures of dogs, horrible puns, and my next dance recital.  Sophomore Psychology Major
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