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Oh fall break… it seems as if it came around at the perfect time. Midterms were tough and going at this “school” thing for a month and a half now is really exhausting. The constant do homework, study, hang out with friends, and go out really makes you miss your slow-paced life at home. Though it seems like every professor has given you an assignment for over break, you need to sit back and relax. Here are some tips on how to spend your fall break.

1. Sleep

This is the number 1 tip because chances are, you have been getting a sad amount of sleep lately and that is just not healthy. You need to turn your five hours into 8 hours and you will wake up feeling refreshed because of it. Your body will thank you.

2. Go to a Pumpkin Patch

A no-brainer when it comes to the month of October is to go to a pumpkin patch. Even if carving pumpkins is not your thing, just going to the pumpkin patch really embraces the fall effect. Grab a caramel apple and just explore!

3. Go Shopping

A little retail therapy cures everything in life. Go with your mom or some friends and just enjoy a day full of clothes and girl-time.

4. See your Friends

If you have any friends at home who also have a fall break or are just home for the weekend, meet up! Go to lunch or dinner and just catch up on things you have been missing out on while being miles a part at different schools.

5. Travel

Though this may not be in your budget, it surely is a great idea. The leaves are changing and even if you go for just a day, get out there and see what the world has to offer. The beauty of fall is popping up everywhere and it is your chance to see it!

6. Pamper Yourself

Go get a hair cut, your nails done, or get a massage. Anything that will let you relax and feel rejuvenated is perfect. You will feel like a new woman and look good too.

7. See your Family

Last but definitely not least, spend your fall break with your family. They miss you way too much while you are at school so take some time and be with them. Your heart will feel so full once you do.

Kaura Bassegio is a Saint Vincent College Alumna with a degree in marketing. As founder and former President of the St. Vincent chapter, Kaura worked on pitching ideas, editing, and leading a large team of women. Throughout her years at Saint Vincent, Kaura worked in the retail industry where she received her internship at American Eagle Outfitters. Now that she is a college graduate, Kaura will be focused on family, friends, and most importantly, finding a job! She is interested in fashion and her dream is to live and work in New York City. Follow her on Instagram: kauralbassegio
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