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A Happy Heart

It’s the season for making final decisions. Around this time of year, many high school students are tying up loose ends, and figuring out their plans for next fall, whether it is attending college, enlisting in the military, traveling, or working. I wish them all the very best, and hope their hearts lead them in the right direction that will make them happy. 

When I was a senior in high school, I applied to 4 colleges, and luckily, I was accepted to all of them. Saint Vincent was the first to reply to me, and I was ecstatic. But, I wasn’t sure if it should be the school for me. Yes, I wanted everything this school had to offer, but I felt confused, unsure, and anxious to hear from my other prospective schools. Finally, once the votes had arrived in their packed envelopes full of hopes and dreams, I made my decision. 

When asked by my friends, family, peers, and other adults why I chose to come to St. Vincent, my reply has always been this: “…because it made my heart happy.” It sounds corny, but it’s true. SVC has everything I need, besides the academic program I wanted to peruse. The quality of the people, community, and faculty continue to astound me. 

Just this week I sat down for brunch with a girl whom I had never talked to before, and our conversation was worth its weight in gold because I found another kindred spirit. Despite the small size of our campus population, there is ALWAYS an opportunity to meet someone new. My heart is happy because this school never ceases to provide me with wonderful new acquaintances and friendships. Thank you, Saint Vincent College. 




Marisa Maicke

St Vincent '20

Marisa Maicke is a junior student at Saint Vincent College located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. She is an Early Childhood Education Major (Certification to teach Pre-k-4th grade) with a Minor in Special Disabilities (with Certification). As a future elementary school teacher, Marisa's dream is to promote a legacy of kindness, understanding, curiosity, and unconditional love in her classroom.
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