To the Guy with my Best Friend's Heart:

She’s special, but you know that already. Trust me, I would’ve done my best to kick you to the curb by now if you didn’t. You’re so much different than anyone she’s ever been interested in, and I saw that from the start. I can’t count how many times I’ve caught you smiling at her when she wasn’t even looking; you may not even know you do it, but I’ve seen it for a while. Thanks for showing her the way she deserves to be loved... and thanks for still letting me have the shotgun seat in her car sometimes.


Since you’re planning to spend your life with her, I figured there are some things I should say:


1. If you’re ever in need of photos from her awkward stage, I’ve got an album. I highly recommend the ones from 7th grade.


2. I know you’re excited to see her in a wedding dress someday, but I was there when she was playing dress up in her mom’s heels. For your sake, I hope she looks better on your wedding day than she did then.


3. My days of holding her hand at daycare have been over for a while, but make sure you hold her hand for the rest of her life... and let her be the one with her thumb on top.

4. Never feel afraid to tell her your secrets, fears, and dreams. She’s the perfect person to rely on, trust me. I’ve done it for 18 years and don’t plan on stopping (so I hope you’re okay with me borrowing her sometimes).


5. Thank you for being the person I’ve always hoped she’d find.

You already know she’s got a heart of gold, the loudest laugh in the world, and a unique ability to capture the perfect moment with her camera. What you might not have known is that she’s also got a best friend who’s so, so grateful she found you.


HCXO from your future Maid of Honor,