A Great Adventure

I asked him why he wanted to be with me. His simple reply was, “I thought it would be a great adventure.”

Image Credit: The Odyssey


So how did Carl and Ellie get their adventure? And how can we all get our own?

Little does Pixar know that they have revealed the secrets of love through a colorful pair of characters who have been unapologetically themselves. The secret I discovered: they encouraged each other to be their best selves and nothing less.

Image Credit: Pinterest


Carl and Ellie—so different and yet their dynamic as a couple was symbiotic and seemingly effortless. How did they make it work? Well, look at those armchairs! Their styles and colors are so different, but they work because each character is given the freedom to express themselves exactly as they choose! As lovers, we should all encourage our partners to be exactly as they are right from the start.

Image Credit: Fanpop


A simple accident like leaving and prints on a newly painted mailbox is a pretty sweet memory, and the audience was left sighing longingly for such a sweet moment. Well, mistakes are inevitable, right? As lovers, we can get through mistakes with our partners by not sweating the small stuff and just being happy together.

Image Credit: We Heart It


Ellie in this scene nearly lost her spark, but Carl gently swooped in and applied the exact amount of love she needed to move forward. What do we do when we feel like the world is out to get us? When we have someone special to turn to for reassurance, support, and love our challenges seem much more manageable. As lovers, we can take our partner’s pain and chop it in half by just being there to listen.

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Carl and Ellie never lost focus on their Paradise Falls—the dream they always longed for together. Ellie had this dream originally, and meticulously planned her wishes to travel to South America. Carl adopted her contagious enthusiasm, but Ellie never forgot that Carle should get to chase his dreams too. He sought out his own adventure with Ellie still in his heart every step of the way. As lovers, we can help our partners do the same thing, can’t we?