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Grab Your Girls: It’s Galentine’s Day!

February.  It’s cold, dark, and your spring semester is dragging.  To top it all off, you’re single and so not ready to mingle, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.



  Honestly, is there any unattached girl out there who actually likes Valentine’s Day?  It’s pretty hard to when you’re surrounded my couples…Am I right?

Ladies, let’s get out of that slump!  2018 will be the year of WOMEN, and what better way to celebrate our awesomeness than with our best girl friends?  Forget Valentine’s Day, and mark your calendars for February 13th because it’s Galentine’s Day!  



Galentine’s Day is an unofficial holiday for ladies celebrating ladies.  Um, that sounds like the best holiday ever, especially because of the most important rule: NO BOYS ALLOWED.  That might sound like a sign belonging on a middle school tree house, but it’s the real deal for Galentine’s Day.  Every girl out there could use at least one day without boys, and that day will be the perfect way to brighten up those dreary February blues. 



When it comes to Galentine’s Day, the possibilities are endless.  Whether you and your girls want to hit up a bar or cozy up for a night in (slumber party like the old days anyone?  Pillow fights, makeovers, and chick flicks included, of course!), it’s sure to be a great time.  If you need any ideas, Google and Pinterest are always there for you, not to mention Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, the Galentine’s Day Queen. 




You won’t be single forever, so make the most of it!




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