Gina Johnston

Name: Gina Johnston


Gina, we are so excited to have our readers learn more about you! Thanks for taking the time to interview with us today.


Her Campus (HC): Why did you choose your major?

Gina Johnston (GJ): I loved my English classes all throughout high school because of some really awesome teachers. I really hope to have an impact on my students the way that my English teachers impacted me.


(HC): That’s great! I know you’re going to do awesome. We all know that school can be tough sometimes, what’s your biggest motivation?


(GJ): I’m really close to my family, so I just strive to impress them. My parents are my biggest motivators. They’ve worked hard their entire lives to be able to send me to college, and I want them to be proud of me.

(HC): So sweet. What is a piece of advice you could give to a high school senior trying to decide on a college?


(GJ): Go where your heart sends you. Many students look for the college with the best parties or the biggest name, but you really just have to go to a place where you feel like you’re at home.


(HC): I am so happy that I chose Saint Vincent! What’s been your greatest memory of college so far?


(GJ): I’ve had so many great memories here that it’s hard to pick just one. I’d have to say my first rugby practice here at SVC. I’ve met so many wonderful girls through rugby.

(HC): That’s really great, Gina. What’re some of the clubs you are involved in at SVC?


(GJ): I’m involved in APO, cheerleading and rugby. Joining rugby was honestly the best decision I’ve ever made.

(HC): Cool! What’s one fun fact about yourself that a lot of people don’t know?


(GJ): I’ve been a vegetarian for seven years.

(HC): Wow! That’s great. I am happy you shared that. Okay, last question. What are you most excited for this spring semester?


(GJ): I’m excited to continue making memories here at SVC and handling everything the world has to throw at me!


Thanks for sharing with us today, Gina! HCXO.