Future Ms. Schehr

Name: Kayla Schehr 

Class Year: Junior 

Birthday: April 17th 

Major: Early Childhood Education 

Her Campus (HC): Hey there! We’re so excited to be interviewing you. At Her Campus, we want to make sure we can share all the awesome things about you to our readers. I’ve compiled some questions for you to answer, are you ready? 


(KS): Let’s do it! 


(HC): What is your favorite thing about SVC? 


(KS): I love how it truly feels like home. I know that it sounds cliché, but the community atmosphere that SVC has is what makes campus so special. From the beautiful fall leaves that cover the Dupré path to seeing Melvin Platz lit up for Christmas, I love the beauty of the campus, as well as the wonderful people who are part of it. 

(HC): It does truly feel like home! Why did you choose your major, what are your plans for after college? 


(KS): I knew after I taught my first preschool class in high school that Early Childhood Education was the field for me. I absolutely love working with children and helping them grow and learn. Also, seeing a child finally accomplish something that he or she struggled with is one of the most rewarding feelings. After I graduate, I plan to be an elementary school teacher, and someday, I hope to become an elementary school principal. 

(HC): Good luck! What are your hobbies? 


(KS): I love working out, as it is a stress reliever for me and a way to keep myself focused on goals. Whether it’s doing cardio or lifting, I love putting in my headphones and tuning out the world for a little. I also love socializing, if that counts as a hobby. You can almost always find me walking through Carey talking to friends! 


(HC): What's your favorite memory of SVC? 


(KS): I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful experiences on this campus, and I don’t think that I could choose one specific memory. However, I would say that some of my favorite moments have been spent with some of my best friends. I have met some of the greatest people on campus, and I love being on this journey with them. From meeting my best friends Jenni & Stephanie to experiencing college with my boyfriend, Johnny, I have been so blessed. 

(HC): What is an interesting thing about you that others don't know? 


(KS): I am the middle child! Hannah is 22 and Hayley is 18, and we are super close. I consider them my best friends and I love spending time with them. I couldn’t imagine it any other way! 


(HC): Who is your biggest role model? 

(FL): My parents are easily my biggest role models. They have supported me in all that I have done, and I am so grateful for their support. I have looked up to them since I was a little girl, and will continue to do so forever. Also, my mom is a huge role model in my future career, as she is such a talented teacher. I would have to argue that I have the best parents around.