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Finding My Inner Girl Boss

Living in a world full of beautiful feminist icons and strong females in leadership roles, defining yourself as a girl boss can really cause some internal conflict. It did for me at least. The term “girl boss” brings to mind powerful women in suits leading business meetings, performing neurosurgery, or being recognized for their accomplishments on a world-wide scale. I, however, plan on being a high school English teacher, which isn’t a career that would normally fit in the same category as Michelle Obama or J.K Rowling. Up until recently, I didn’t think I could possibly ever fit the image of a “girl boss” that I had conjured up in my head. Then, I realized that being a girl boss doesn’t require running a corporation, graduating medical school, or receiving prestigious awards. CEOs, neurosurgeons, influential first ladies, and Pulitzer Prize winners all share a common trait: Confidence. A girl boss is someone who takes control of her own life, loves herself, knows what she deserves, and won’t settle for less. With this image in my mind, I began my journey into discovering my inner girl boss. 

Confidence, I feel, is a trait that must be developed in order for the daily tasks of a girl boss to be accomplished (i.e. changing lives, putting smiles on the faces of others, being your best self). This is also a quality that I have struggled to maintain throughout spats of bullying, body image issues, and breakups. In order for me to truly uncover my inner girl boss, I forced myself to put myself in situations that forced me to fake confidence. Fake it until you make it is truly a life changing rule to live by. I started writing for Her Campus and putting my ideas out into the universe. Although I was nervous about publishing my first article, I received so much positive feedback that my confidence flourished. I started responding to conversations in class because I felt that my thoughts were valid and mattered. This led to me talking more to my peers that I wasn’t necessarily close with, but shared similar interests and held wonderful conversations. This alone sparked many potential friendships, and I’m excited to see how those blossom. 

Once I was confident in myself and my importance, I began truly taking control of my own life. I began to slowly cut out the toxicity that tended to follow me around like a dreary raincloud. Slowly but surely, I managed to sift out the negative energies in my life, and I was left with a loving aura around me that supported me and my journey into bettering myself. I no longer found myself moping around over petty issues or constantly worrying what my standings were with people because I knew for a fact that even if others did not agree, I was important. 

Since I finally see my own self-worth, I’ve been able to focus on loving myself for who I am. I’m no longer changing my personality to fit the crowd I’m in, I am comfortable in my own skin, and I am not afraid to express my opinions. Gone are the days where I would silently sit and let other dictate my worth. I know for a fact I have not reached my girl boss peak, but I am so excited to continue my life with a positive and confident mindset and hopefully someday inspire others to find their inner girl boss as well. 




Gina Johnston

St Vincent '19

"Freedom lies in being bold" - Robert Frost Rugger, vegetarian, future educator
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