A Few Thoughts if You're a Student at SVC

Things Only Saint Vincent Students Can Relate To:



-Needing rain boots (or a mini boat) EVERY time it rains I don't know what it is but the puddles around this place are ridiculous.  


-Having that dreadful walk from benny to basically any other part of campus It may only be a 10 minute walk to the cafeteria, but walking up that hill on your way back feels like you put in a workout at the gym for the past hour.  


-Wondering every night if the caf will have edible food for dinner I guess there's always salad? 


-Not being able to walk two feet outside your dorm without seeing someone you know You may have looked good 4/5 days this week so far, but you'll probably still see that special someone when you're looking like you just rolled of bed.  


-Having pub safety officers thinking they are actually state troopers  



But, I think most of us wouldn’t want to spend our 4 years anywhere else! 



Growl Meow,