Facing My Acne Scars

There are a million and one products for the prevention of acne. But what I could never seem to find in stores was a product that helped to heal acne scars. Acne scars, according to the official American Society for Dermatologic Surgery definition, are caused by inflamed blemishes that swell and break through the follicle wall. Basically, acne scars blow up the sacred vault of skin with oily, bacterial dynamite.

I have been plagued with acne scars since the beginning of my teenaged years. I’ve watched countless YouTube videos, read too many WikiHow articles, and perused every shelf in Walmart for a way to diminish the shallow marks that had taken up residence on my skin for far too long. I’ve tried all the supposed home remedies, like rubbing my face with lemon and aloe, but none of these “tricks” made any improvements to the quality of my skin.

Finally, during one of my YouTube video sessions, I came across an acne scar removal video that looked promising. The video gave detailed instructions for a weekly schedule of products which claimed to show results in around a month or so of use. I really had nothing to lose, so I decided to try this routine out and see what happened. The link of the video: https://youtu.be/Umz4iIK7C8U

What I liked about this particular video is that there is no recommended specific brands of skincare products. Instead, the video suggests a general quality and what type (as in moisturizer, toner, or serum) of product that should be used and in what order. I know that my skin is extremely sensitive, so I knew I had to watch out for products with fragrances or harsh chemicals. I also did not want to go broke for this skincare routine that may or may not work so I went on Amazon and ordered the products that I didn’t already have for a better price than in most stores.







I used the same moisturizer I had been using that was for oily and sensitive skin, regular toner I had gotten from Walmart that specifically said it would help minimize acne scars, and my face cleanser—Cetaphil.

After a little over a month, of following the routine religiously, my mom remarked on how clear my skin was looking. I was shocked that something I had tried from the internet was actually having an impact on my acne scars. While these types of skin treatments are difficult to suggest because everyone has a different routine that works individually, I can say that there is definitely hope out there. We do not have to be stuck with our acne scars and there are affordable ways to help undo the damage adolescence may have done to our faces.


Samantha Hilyer