Erin Giancola

Name: Erin Giancola

Birthday: 07-01-1998

Major: Marketing

Grade: Junior


1. Why did you choose SVC as your college home?

SVC did not even come across my radar until I started being recruited to play basketball. I had never even heard of Saint Vincent College until coach Jimmy started coming to my games. I was being recruited by many different schools, but as soon as I stepped foot on Saint Vincent’s campus, I knew it was going to be my forever home. I come from a small town and went to a small school, so I liked the small community feel Saint Vincent had. I also loved how sweet everyone was. Everywhere I went everyone was just super kind and helpful. Another deciding factor for me was how valued the education is here.


2. Tell me the struggles and pros of playing a varsity college sport at SVC.

As strange as it sounds, playing a sport helps keep me motivated and to stay on track with my school work. However, it can be overwhelming at times, due to how time-consuming basketball can be. Basketball is really all year around for us, which does give me less time to for school work and a social life. However, I’ve always been an athlete and it would be hard to see myself as anything else. Being a part of the team is liking having a second family here, and I wouldn't trade my team for anything.

3. What has been your favorite SVC memory?

I’ve had many great memories so far at Saint Vincent, but my favorite would have to be meeting my forever best friends Ashley and Cammie, and having countless late-night runs for food, movie nights, and ice cream dates.

4. Tell me something about yourself that most people don’t know about you.

This past March, I adopted a Chihuahua-dachshund mix, who I named Hunter, from a shelter in near Cleveland, Ohio. Ever since then, he has been my favorite thing in the world, he always puts a smile on my face!

5. What are your future plans?

After undergraduate school, I plan to attend graduate school to get my masters and eventually pursue a career in medical equipment or pharmaceutical sales.