The Epidemic of Perfection

Today, we are so vulnerable to seeing pretty girls on social media and feeling we, as women, need to change who we are and how we look to fit society’s definition of beauty. Though, it seems as if no one finds it important to talk about this “epidemic."

From the models on Instagram to the models on Deal or No Deal, we are constantly reminded that those women are the “ideal”, but it is important to remember that who you are, is your personal ideal. We are expected to live up to an impossible standard, and I think now is the time where we come together to put an end to that stereotype. According to an article from The Guardian, “one in three young women feel under pressure to present themselves as having a ‘perfect’ life on social media, a survey has found”. How completely and utterly sad is that? An article from the New York posts claims that even models edit their photos for a picture-perfect Instagram post. There you have it. Even the most “perfect” women, with the perfect, hair, face, body, edit their posts. Being society’s view of perfect is and always will be, impossible.

We are all different, loved, and cherished in our own unique ways. With support, and growing confidence we can change the way the world views us. We are not defined by our weight, our hair, ethnicity, beliefs, or sexual orientation. And it’s about time we are recognized for who we are and what we—as people—can offer, not recognized for our bodies and what we can “offer”.


Stay strong, confident, and beautiful.