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“Distance Sucks.” 8 Things Every Girl in a Long Distance Relationship is Tired of Hearing

Distance sucks. Whether it is the distance from college to your family, the distance to the nearest coffee spot from your dorm room, or the distance from your bed to your mini fridge, distance never fails to get in the way of what we want or need. Being in a long distance relationship causes me to come to the conclusion that distance sucks. I watch with envy the couples that hold hands on campus and I count down the days until I get to see my significant other again. This is the second year my boyfriend and I have had 621.7 miles of distance between us. Although I still believe distance sucks, it has not been nearly as bad as what my glass-half-empty mind expected. If you are going through a long distance relationship in college here are eight comments that every long distance couple can only just roll their eyes at. 

1. “Wow, you must really trust each other!”

And you don’t trust your significant other? Distance or no distance, trust is important. I do not care if you are on the same campus or 1000 miles away; trust is key. Do you really want to be creeping through favorites on Twitter and Facebook messages? That’s like adding another three-credit course to an already packed schedule. Classes come with enough stress, trust and loyalty is a relationship is nonnegotiable.  

2. “Distance sucks, that’s stupid.”

Well you’re stupid! No but seriously. Really? What else am I supposed to say to your inspiring and motivational words? 

3. “Well I hope that works out for you.”

You can just hear the sarcasm in their voice. So you just respond with a polite thank you even though slapping them into next Tuesday is all you really want to do. 

4. “You must really miss him.”

No, I am actually really happy that my boyfriend is 600 miles away and I hope they never come back. Obviously I miss him. Thank you for stating this fact and bringing back my crazy girl emotions I am trying to control. 

5. “I would never deal with a long distance relationship.”

Wow good for you. Do not do it then. 

6. “Are you okay today?”

All of a sudden you are looked at as an emotional basket case. Yes, I am okay and no, I am not dying. Other people are going through much worse. I am fine today and tomorrow and every day for that matter (unless Shonda Rhimes decides she is going to kill one of my favorite characters again on Grey’s Anatomy. Rest in peace, McDreamy). 

7. “You must feel so lost.”

Lost? I am a girlfriend, not a puppy. I am an independent woman and I choose to have a man. Yes, when he is home he opens doors for me and carries my things but that is only because he is perfect and a gentleman (which is why the distance is worth it). However, he is not my GPS and I get along just fine without him around 24/7. 

8. “Well if it is meant to be, it will be.”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that line, I could pay off student loans. I know they are just trying to be nice, but distance has not turned my relationship into having to rely on destiny. Thank you, Blair Waldorf.


So yes, distance sucks, and yes, I miss him. However, this is only a few years of our lives in respect to the many years I hope to spend with him. This is a time of our lives where each of us is working on bettering ourselves and creating memories with and mostly without each other present. One of my favorite parts of distance is coming back together. I never take a second that we have together for granted. I feel lucky to get to experience the feeling I get when I first see him again.

Anything worth having in life is not easy so why wouldn’t crazy, stupid love fall under that anything? Let the comments continue because I have wine in my mini fridge and plenty of polite thank you’s to continue to say until our distance gets smaller and that is totally okay.

Hey! I am Alexis Satterfield and I am an accounting major at Saint Vincent College! I am a self proclaimed professional shopper who loves the little things in life. I love my dogs, sales, just about every food in the world, and running is my favorite escape. I believe in hard work leading to success and the nice guy finishing first. This year is my last year at St. Vincent College and I am very excited to have Her Campus beginning to make an impact here at SVC! 
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